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Become or nominate a Certified Patriot of the United States of America.

It's like a having a bumper sticker on your car displaying your Patriotism.
But it's a PDF PDF you can store on your phone and show your Patriotism to friends and family. You could also print and frame your Certified Patriot document for public display. Additionally you can also send a certificate to a Patriot as a gift! Gift
The cost is $0.00, that is, you won't pay a penny!


A certificate of Patriotism is not a recognized or formal document, and it is not a requirement for citizenship or any legal status. But, some organizations or groups may offer certificates of Patriotism as a way to recognize individuals who have demonstrated a strong commitment to their country, its values, and its symbols.
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Getting a certificate, which is of course absolutely FREE, of Patriotism may be important for people who wish to show their loyalty and dedication to their country. It could also be beneficial for those seeking certain jobs or positions that require a demonstration of patriotism.
However, it is important to note that patriotism is a personal belief, and it cannot be measured or certified in a standardized way.